What a time to be alive, absolute geniuses buying all the toilet paper when it would have been cheaper and probably better to buy one of those Japanese toilet seats with a Bidet to properly clean their 💩

Before we continue though, I think you should be optimistic and first spread another emotion like calm or joy for they are just as contagious as fear and panic.

Be optimistic and spread calm or joy. They are just as contagious as fear and panic. 

Did you know that sofa singing is a thing? Check it out here.

And you should probably watch this talk on how to help break the COVID-19 anxiety cycle by Judson Brewer here.

Now we should start by saying COVID-19 is probably not going to kill you, but it is not something you should risk getting in case you give it to someone it can kill, or add to the infected lot in the healthcare facilities.

There are only so many doctors, nurses and beds.

If people get infected they can spread it to someone else who is at risk. If a doctor or nurse get it from you, besides sharing with other sick people, they could be off work or worse taking one of the beds and putting other nurses and doctors at risk.

The medical system is not able to sustain large volumes of infectious people yet because they are not robots.

The medical system is not able to sustain large volumes of infectious people yet

The good news is once we start to minimise the spread of the virus through relevant social distancing etc, we should be able to control the spread, and hopefully soon we can create an effective vaccine too.

The other good news is people have been reminded to get organised so that they aren’t caught off guard, and to increase their personal hygiene, because let’s be honest, not everyone is as clean as you.

Watch this great talk by Peter Attia explaining his 4 main concerns from over a week ago.

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3) Why are you so worried about this virus?

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If you’re wondering  what social distancing is, check out our previous article here


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