There are many ways to do social distancing, and we should start with the essentials before the fun stuff.

First things first, do the common sense things like sanitation, washing hands, doing a Dab when you sneeze or cough, dispose of your tissues, and use face masks and alcohol based hand sanitizer (if you can find it), alongside disinfecting commonly touched areas such as door knobs.

Work out new greetings aka secret handshakes with friends that don’t involve actually shaking hands, get creative and have some fun.

Another thing is trying to stay 1.5m away from people in general. If it is unavoidable, then it isn’t the end of the world, but it is still something to aim towards!

Smart Social Isolation

For those who are sick and/or have COVID-19, prolonged isolation is ideal!
For those who are “at risk” (of being hospitalised or dying if contracted) should probably aim to do more Isolation as a precaution too.

Transient Social Isolation should be good for almost everyone!

The 3 best ways of doing this in my opinion are:

  1. Going for a bush walk:
    Some places will be busier like waterfalls, so I would suggest finding an unbeaten path and exploring for an hour, this way you are able to avoid contact, and get the benefits of being outdoors!
  2. Learn how to meditate properly:
    Before you call me a woo-woo blabla hear me out. I am not nearly as eloquent as Emily Fletcher, but she gives a great talk here on the difference between the 3 M’s (Mindfulness, Meditation, and Manifesting) and why they work so well together. 15 minutes can help boost your immune system, sleep better, unwind, and improve sex! If you’re not sold on her, go out and find someone else. Don’t forget there are plenty of other free alternatives like headspace. 
  3. Jump in a float tank. (Unless they are shut due to lockdown)
    If you don’t know how to meditate, floating is a great way to socially distance and socially isolate, that forces you to meditate.
    You will instantly see what a real meditation session is like, and will want to digitally high 5 me. Oh and there are plenty of obligation free places you can go to like Zero In Health where if you didn’t like the float they will credit you to try something else. It is pretty much guaranteed that you will love something.

For any planned outings with friends/family you may have, it is probably a good time to consider if it is necessary or not. If not then raincheck!

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