We have all done it before, started on a goal, then 2 weeks later decide we don’t actually want it. 

My goal with this article is to teach you what took me 30 years to find, and that is how spending an hour can save you years. 

“Spending an hour can save you years.”

The steps to goal setting is a simple equation. Here are the first 3 steps you should take to decide if it is worth doing, or if you should abort immediately.


  1. You need the “Goal”. What exactly do you want to do? Let’s use the example of ‘Improve my Fitness’. 
  2. Then you need to run it through Cartesian Logic, which is a quick and easy way to look at questions and answers from every angle/perspective. Spend some time on this one, as it is not as simple as it seems, writing everything that comes to mind. 
    • What will you gain from doing this (improving health)? E.g. increase my opportunities to have fun with friends and family, be able to carry around my nephews with a smile on my face, more self confidence.
    • What will you lose from doing this (improving health)? E.g. Physical pain from my injured shoulder, excess body fat, lose the excuses.
    • If you don’t do this (improve health) what will the future be like? E.g. I will stay the same, or get worse.
    • There are 4 steps to Cartesian Logic, but only the first 3 are necessary unless you are in the presence of a hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner. I will discuss that more in a later post. 
  3. Whose outcome is it? Is it for you, or are you doing it to please someone else? 

Try it out! Get a piece of paper and write it down. Those 3 steps should take you an hour, maybe 2, to really dig deep. You will work out what you think you want to do, and what might be a waste of time. Getting a flat stomach is not everyone’s goal, do what makes you happy.


In case you wanted an extra step, here is a bonus question. Does it align with your values? By this we simply mean, if your top 3 values are family, career and health, will improving health add or take away from those values?

Want to know how to set an effective goal, and not just a dream? Make sure you check out our next article.

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