Should I Float, Infrared Sauna, Cryo, and/or Normatec one after the other?

At the end of the day the question is, ‘what do you want to achieve’ and just as importantly ‘how do you want to feel when you leave?’

Depending on how you want to feel you should choose the order of the services.
An easy way to differentiate between the services is if they are more of an upper or downer energy wise (not mood wise). Cryo is definitely an upper, sauna and floating are more downers, and Normatec is neutral.

For example, if you’re coming in the morning I would say do the float first while still tired, and use the Cryo to help wake up, this will save you needing a coffee after.

Find the area you are most interested in:



Cryo then float: ❄️💧

I would recommend this order if you want to try to sleep in the Float Tank, and leave feeling super relaxed and Zen. Better in the evening.

You will need at least half hour in the middle, maybe 1 hour if you are a slow warmer so the float isn’t too much of a contrast. We recommend to use Normatec in the middle to give you something to do, and relax.


Float then Cryo: 💧❄️

Will be ideal if you want to leave feeling awake and invigorated. Better in the Morning.

Just need to make sure you are fully dry after the float. Most people want to relax a bit more after doing a float, once again Normatec would be ideal in between.


Infrared Sauna then Float: 🔥💧

This way would be better for detox, and to absorb more magnesium. Also you go into the float in a state of complete relaxation and bliss.

We recommend this as the usual approach most people should take so that they can leave feeling amazing.
You will need some time in between the 2 though, so I recommend:


  1. Before arriving find free street parking behind the shop,
  2. After the sauna, move the car to Norton Plaza which offers 2 hours free parking, or
  3. Strap into the Normatec boots to get a massage while you cool down a little.

You don’t want to sweat too much in the Float tank as you may get salt in your eyes.


Float then Infrared Sauna: 💧🔥

If you’re closer to bed time and think floating will keep you up because of the restorative effect, then we recommend.
1) Float,
2) have some water, and use the bathroom and
3) head into the Sauna.

*Warning, you may leave feeling like Mush, and will probably have an amazing sleep.


Cryo & Infrared Sauna: ❄️🔥

No matter what, unless you just want to experience cryo and Infrared Sauna so you know how comfortable and fun they are, we recommend you separate them by at least 2-3 hours or they will both have benefits, but it will be dulled in comparison to spreading them out or just doing 1.
Some people say you should spread them out by 5-6 hours, what it comes down to is how long it takes you to thermoregulate (get back to your normal body temp). Use your money wisely, either space them out a lot, or do either service with a float, or normatec, you’ll have better results and feel a lot better!



This can be used with anything really, before or after, it is just a great tool! Don’t believe me? Give it a try 😉


Most people are generally fine to use any of the services if they are in good health, however if you have any of the following let us know:


  • Are sick
  • Are pregnant
  • Are unfit for exercise
  • Medically advised not to participate in the services
  • Have medical condition(s)
  • For floating if you have recently coloured your hair (bleach is fine) or have fake tan, then let us know.

That’s everything you need to know unless you still want to be a superhuman. That takes us to…


The Gauntlet


I don’t blame you, being superhuman and doing it all is well, what many crave. I would set aside a few hours to really get the benefits.


  1. Start with Sauna to sweat it out, and come out like Jelly.
  2. From here use the Normatec on your legs for extra recovery from being superhuman.
  3. Then Dive into a float tank, not literally, but you catch the drift.
  4. Finally when you have purged your mind and collected your thoughts have a cryo session to jumpstart the rest of the day.

I recommend this order as you will get some time between treatments so the Heat shock proteins are not blunted by the cold, and you really get the benefits.

The next best way to do it is cryo, normatec, float, then sauna. This is if you want to go straight home and sleep. You’ll come out super relaxed and tired. You won’t want to do anything strenuous after this, not because it is bad, but because you will be cooked!

So there you have it, I hope this helped you make a plan, though if you have any extra questions feel free to call us or drop me a DM on Instagram and I will get back to you as soon as I can 😉



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