Man oh man… sometimes I wish I found this course earlier in life, but then who knows, maybe I wouldn’t be on the path I am today. At the end of the day, we will never know, but for now, we can just do the best we can with what we know ✌️

Having taken away a lot from NLP, I hope the following 3 things can help you or your friends’ life as much as it did mine.

  1. Everything you do in life is a choice
  2. Perception is projection
  3. Everyone is doing the best they can with what they know.

Everything you do in life is a choice.

Man’s last freedom is their freedom for choice, even when they don’t like the options, there is still a choice.

E.g. If you are being held at gunpoint for your phone and wallet, there is a good reason to give the phone and wallet to the person, but you have a choice not to. The potential consequence is, you can get shot… so 99% of the time, with 99% of people I will recommend you just give the person your stuff, but just know, you consciously gave them your goods, and you most likely made the right decision, but it was a choice.

Taking this lesson look back at a time when you thought you had no choice, but really you did, and how you perceive that event now, is also a choice.

Perception is projection: Reframing

Before doing the course this concept was foreign to me. I couldn’t explain how 3 people will have the same experience, yet have completely different outcomes. Take for example someone who gets bullied. 1 person may defend themselves with words, another with their fists, and another may just accept that getting bullied is just what happens to them.

How you talk to and perceive yourself is how you hold or project yourself.

One of my classmates was living a “groundhog day” life for nearly 30 years. She felt as though she “was not enough” and that “she didn’t deserve” anything good to happen to her. The crazy thing is, she is not alone, a lot of people feel this way and aren’t lucky enough to find someone to help.

Groundhog day

Groundhog day

Fortunately, she made a massive change and wiped away that negative talk in the span of a 5 minute chat, with one person, using one technique.

If you are ready to make a change and you have a good practitioner working with you, then you will be able to distort an old memory instantly, and take charge of any internal dialogue.

Everyone is always doing the best they can with what they know!

Sometimes someone does the most bizarre, annoying, or down right rude thing and it triggers you.

Here is a tip. Maybe they didn’t mean it, like it meant to you.

Remember the last time someone did something that really pissed you off, like buy all of the toilet paper, and you thought “they should know better”. Well maybe, just maybe they didn’t know any better.

Maybe they are acting like they think they need to act with the current circumstances.

If they are acting out of fear and you see it from their point of view, maybe it won’t trigger you as much, unless you are on your last sheet of TP and can’t even buy a roll. Then, I kinda understand why you’re shitty💩. Though, even in that situation, there are other ways to look at it and reframe it.

Do you have anything coming up that involves choice? Is there something that happened to you that you can reframe? Shoot me a DM on Insta to tell me how this article has affected your life.

In the following article I will be discussing how I see depression and potential ways of attacking that beast.

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